Due to cases of canine influenza (H3N2) that have recently been confirmed, the Monmouth County SPCA is closed to the public until early January 2020. You can find more information on the closing of MCSPCA here.

Canine influenza, is a highly contagious respiratory virus which is spread from dog-to-dog. Dogs spread canine influenza through direct dog to dog contact, contaminated objects (toys, food bowls, etc.), and through the aerosolization of respiratory secretions (sneezing, coughing).

Not all dogs show signs of illness; however, signs of canine influenza include:

  • cough
  • nasal discharge
  • ocular discharge
  • fever
  • lethargy
  • reduced appetite
  • pneumonia

It could take 2 to 5 days after exposure for dogs to show these signs and the clinical signs can last from 2 to 4 weeks. Treatment of canine influenza consists of symptomatic and supportive care.

Vetmetis Veterinary Services has a limited supply of canine influenza vaccines available. You can call us at (609) 235-4313 or email us at info@vetmetis.com for more information or to schedule an appointment.

-C. Flock

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